The study of the transgenerational tree can help to discover the unconscious family programming that has been conditioning you. With the tools of NLP and hypnosis you can access the unconscious to release the programming.

What is BioNeuroEmotion©?

BioNeuroEmotion© is a tool whose objective is to identify and find the hidden emotions, as well as the unconscious beliefs, which originate any dissonant behaviour, and which manifest themselves through antisocial behaviour, aggression, addictions and illnesses.

In a BioNeuroEmotion© session, the person is accompanied until the hidden emotion and belief is deciphered, which are associated with the symptom and which have a specific value in personal, family and transgenerational life. Once the emotion and belief are accessed, they become conscious and the emotion is released. Regarding the belief, the person decides whether to change it or to keep it.


There are different methodologies used in a BioNeuroEmotion© session. Among them are Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Ericksonian Hypnosis, the study of the Transgenerational, duels, brotherhood ranks and the Sense Project.

Transgenerational consists of the entire unconscious memory of the clan. The purpose of the transgenerational study is to bring out the family history, the secrets and to understand without judgement what happened in the clan. To accept the role of the person who is called to resolve all that has been excluded from the family consciousness.

When analysing the Transgenerational, we become aware of how each person is positioned in relation to what is happening in the family, professional and social environment. As if it were a puzzle, and how we constantly recreate the family game in totally different environments.

In short, it is all the unconscious information that the family clan has been transmitting generation after generation, hoping that at a given moment the conflict will be resolved.

What is a session like?

The sessions include a part of study of the tree together with a part of deep relaxation to access the family programming and its subsequent deprogramming.

Each session lasts one hour and depending on the level of work, one or more sessions will be required.

If you live in a Latin American country, please contact me for a price according to your country.