The birth chart, also known as an astrological chart, consists of a detailed study of all the planets, houses and signs. The chart reading provides us with extensive information about our essence, inner emotions, how we communicate, what we value, how we act, how we express our feelings, our fears and limitations, our family mandates, among other things. Knowing oneself helps to understand why certain situations, behaviours, personal or work relationships occur.

Those aspects of our personality that are not recognised, are either projected externally and lived from a victimised position, or cannot be developed and used constructively. Astrology is then our reference for extending and broadening our self-concept. It helps us both to integrate our shadow or unconscious part as well as to develop our conscious aspects.

The complete astrological chart depends on the level of deepening that the person wants. The sessions can be in person or remotely, and the recordings of the sessions are sent afterwards.

Why do I have these kinds of relationships? What are my gifts and needs? What is my life function? What are my emotional needs and defence mechanisms through which I do not allow myself to mature? How do I communicate? You can discover your essence, what you are here to live and how to live it. Know yourself in order to understand and accept your experiences. With the study of the general birth chart (1 session) or in depth (several sessions) you will be able to understand in depth what you are living in your life.

To find answers to these questions and to discover much more about yourself, book a session with me to get to know your birth chart:

(The session lasts one hour)