Birth Chart

Why do I have this kind of relationships? What are my strengths and challenges? What is my purpose in life? What are my emotional needs and defence mechanisms that prevent me from maturing? How do I communicate? Discover your essence, what you have come to live and the way to live it. Get to know yourself better to understand yourself and accept your experiences. Having a general session (1 hour) or different sessions to deepen on your birth chart will help you understand in depth what you live.

Each session takes 1 hour.

Annual Forecast

Solar Return plus Transits

Do you want to know how next year will be like? What spheres of your life will be more active and how are you likely to live them? What can you learn from a specific year? With the solar return and the transits you can understand and foresee this, so that you can be ready, take advantage of the energies and make the most of the year.

The Solar Return reading takes 1 hour.

The Solar Return plus the Transits Reading takes 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Synastry and Composite Chart

Why do I have this relationship with this person? What can I learn from him/her? How does this person influence me? What specific areas and how are they boosted when I am with this person? What is the purpose of a relationship? This technique will help you understand and live the archetypes within a relationship and it will help you address family issues, partner issues or any kind of problem you have in a relationship.

The Solar Return reading takes 1 hour.

Business Astrology

Do you want to know the strengths and the weaknesses of a business (business project or entrepreneurship project)? How is its economy, communicative field, the workers…? Studying the business chart helps to understand how a business will go, its energy, personality, its strengths together with those that require attention and work. With the transits you can see how the business will develop and those areas that require renovation.

The Solar Return reading takes 1 hour.

The astrology sessions are recorded and then sent in MP3 format so that they can be listened to later and the information can be integrated.

If you live in a Latin American country, please contact me for a price according to your country.