Get to know the different archetypes, your strengths, your lifelong lessons that need to be learnt. Why don’t you use the instructions manual if it is already written? This is my suggestion with astrology.

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The current experiences you are having are not only determined by you, your spiritual guides know what you are going through and know the best way to focus your life. Why do not communicate with them to be guided? If you are curios and resonate with, the spiritual guides might be communicating with you.


Getting to know your family tree is the first step to understand the inertia, the family patterns that tend to be repeated, the family loyalties, what conditions and controls your experiences. The study of the family tree will help you to stop misidentify yourself, forgive and free yourself from the clan.

Workshops and Courses

Upcoming monographic workshops on astrology and transgenerational. Learn the theoretical part and the practical application to start taking your steps in these fields. The best way to learn is through experience.