My name is Oliver Fuentes. I have a degree in English Translation and Interpreting and I have always liked everything related to what is new, studies and the outer world. With astrology I understood that my 9th house has a lot of weight in my birth chart (what is related to the higher mind, the meaning of life, foreign cultures…).

My personal story is not that important, what matters is the things I have learned. So instead of telling you who I am, I will tell you what I learnt. I have learned to connect with my emotions, to identify my shadows and projections. To identify beliefs, archetypes and to question why I have lived certain experiences. To discover how there are family loyalties or mandates that keep repeating, a family programming that conditions the present experience. I have discovered what my strengths and weaknesses are in my birth chart. I have discovered how there is an instruction manual for this life, and that has been fundamental to trust in the plan or script of life. I have learned tools that have helped me to transcend my limitations, to take responsibility for what happens in my life and now I feel that I want to extend this trust to those who need it.

Why could you trust on me?

In my vital experience I have discovered different powerful tools, while I have developed some abilities, such as channelling, which have helped me a lot. My main motivation is to share and get to know myself through others. My sensitivity experienced in the process together with personal aptitudes can help you in your process. My approach is to accompany people at that specific period in which the exchange of information can stimulate the necessary alchemy for something new to appear. I encourage you to dare in your own process. If some people got it, you can do it as well.