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Astrology. Get to know the different archetypes, your strengths, your lifelong lessons that need to be learnt. Why don’t you use the instructions manual if it is already written? This is my suggestion with astrology.

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Translation of Light©

The current experiences you are having are not only determined by you, your spiritual guides know what you are going through and know the best way to focus your life. Why do not communicate with them to be guided? If you are curious and resonate with, the spiritual guides might be communicating with you.

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Translation of Light©


Getting to know your family tree is the first step to understand the inertia, the family patterns that tend to be repeated, the family loyalties, what conditions and controls your experiences. The study of the family tree will help you to stop misidentify yourself, forgive and free yourself from the clan.

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Workshops and Courses

Upcoming monographic workshops on astrology and transgenerational. Learn the theoretical part and the practical application to start taking your steps in these fields. The best way to learn is through experience.

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Workshops and Courses

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Juan de Toro
Juan de ToroSpain

The experience with Astroarmoniko has been very gratifying and very useful to understand the personal processes I was going through and to prepare myself to face them properly. I have also felt very supported and guided at all times, making the opening process easier and the work more effective. I totally recommend him as he is a great professional and provides with a very powerful therapeutic value.

Sonia Saz
Sonia SazSpain

My experience with Translation of Light© has always been very positive, as I have received very useful information for my path, often surprising and always from love. I recommend this experience to anyone who is curious or in need of guidance at any given moment in their life.

Sara GusmerottiSpain

I met Oliver in a personal growth course, from then on we began to share incredible experiences... I have learned a lot from him, despite him being very young, he has an admirable maturity and coherence of life. I attended a talk on BioNeuroEmotion©, and I loved his clarity and security. When I had a serious health problem, he gave me a BioNeuroEmotion© session at distance. It has been more than five years since that episode, and I remember that it gave me a lot of peace and strength, the abyss where I felt I was descending disappeared. It helped me to face my fears and to successfully overcome my illness, it prepared me to go to the operating theatre with energy and a lot of confidence. In addition, I became aware of the emotional impact that the death of a family member had had on my unconscious, I was able to connect with that frozen memory and release it. Everything went very well. I have a lot to thank him for.

Melissa Matamoros
Melissa MatamorosCosta Rica

I have requested Oliver's professional astrological services on several occasions.
The first time, it was an astrological chart where in different sessions he clarified every aspect of my life, in a thorough and clear way. He was very didactic in his explanations, which allowed me to understand a little more about the field of astrology, as I was completely unfamiliar with this powerful tool.
In the transit sessions, he was able to alert me in advance of situations, which helped me to be prepared for the events to come. By reading transits, I have also been able to learn about good aspect dates for my entrepreneurship and career, which makes Oliver a useful consultant.
I recommend Oliver to all those people who want to know themselves on a deeper level and understand why certain trends happen in their lives, as well as for those with a company, business, career or venture to use the valuable tools that Oliver offers, and have the complete picture to make their profession succeed.

Mar Linares
Mar LinaresSpain

The birth chart has been a great help in my personal development and I am very grateful to Oliver for all the guidance he has given me with his knowledge of astrology.
I feel that in some way it has helped me to accept myself, for example, with my personality or with certain habits I could not understand. This information has given me clarity and serenity.
It has been discovering a roadmap from my starting point on this journey (that is, what I have come to transcend) to my life purpose. Throughout the sessions I discovered the 12 houses of the birth chart where he detailed in an archetypal way the potentials to work on in order to evolve and develop my true essence of balance and abundance.

Aitana Linares
Aitana LinaresSpain

The information given by the guides with Translation of Light© has been of great help to receive concrete answers on how to approach a conflict, to improve my relationship with my parents and at work. They guides have given me a vision that I could not see on my own and they have helped me to know where to focus to undo the conflict or discomfort.
The answers are direct and concrete in relation to the willingness to receive them and the way they are expressed is very clear, sometimes with metaphors to connect better with the message.
It is a very useful, simple and direct tool to receive guidance in moments of confusion.

Paula’s Success Story

Working with Oliver has helped me to orientate the different areas of my life. Thanks to his Light Translation sessions (both individual and group) I have become aware of the hidden aspects of my unconscious and I have been able to approach events from a responsible, learning approach. It has clarified and fostered my confidence in my life processes and decisions. Oliver is a great professional, because he combines his sensitivity and technical knowledge with simple and orderly dynamics that facilitates the integration of information and its practical application. I trust Oliver completely and I recommend him 100%.

Paula Artal
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